Weekend Experiment #3!

Good luck as you head into your third (and last) weekend experiment. Remember, this experiment should involve a system of some kind, which could be as simple as a consistent set of action rules defining a certain behavior (like the haunted objects example we started Wednesday), or as complex as incorporating an existing extension for combat or conversation in one of your own stories. If you’re expanding on your experiment from last week, you should be roughly doubling the size of its code, or otherwise putting in as much effort as if you were starting a new project. Similarly, if you’re using an extension, you should have roughly as much code as someone who isn’t—the extension is bootstrapping you up to be spending time on parts of the experiment more interesting to you. (Instructions for including extensions can be found on page 33 of the textbook.)

Here are some useful links.

Please remember to submit your experiment by Monday at 10:00 AM, using the “Release along with an interpreter, the source text and a website.” line, and also to send your one-paragraph statement about the experiment along with your submission.

Finally, if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, download and install the free “SpecTrek Light” onto it before Monday’s class. (There’s a commercial one, but look for the free “Light” version.) And keep playing Fallen London a little each day; we’ll be discussing it on Wednesday.


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