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Final Project week!

A reminder: for Wednesday’s class, bring a beta version of your project that’s as far along towards completion as you can get it, but at a minimum has the whole structure of your piece in place (so a player can play from beginning to (all) ending(s), even if not all the pieces along the way […]

Homework for Wednesday

For Wednesday, take a look at the following two pieces, and bring a discussion question for each. Note that “Sleep is Death” from the syllabus has been replaced with “Mime Academy.” Mime Academy. This is a demonstration mini-ARG with a goofy story. It will require you to take some initiative to uncover clues: clicking on […]

Weekend Experiment #3!

Good luck as you head into your third (and last) weekend experiment. Remember, this experiment should involve a system of some kind, which could be as simple as a consistent set of action rules defining a certain behavior (like the haunted objects example we started Wednesday), or as complex as incorporating an existing extension for […]

Homework for Wednesday

Come prepared to discuss these two procedurally narrative works, and remember to bring your discussion questions: ‘Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus, Victor Gijsbers Note that you’ll need to download and play this in an interpreter, since the “Play Online” option is missing the Status Bar that provides helpful information. The Inform 7 source code (fixed now!) for […]

A few other I7 tips…

Something I ran out of time to mention in class which might be useful in your weekend experiments: you can use instead rules in conjunction with some built-in properties and conditional checks to make something like hypertext guard fields for your I7 projects. For example, to restrict the player from entering a certain area until […]

Second weekend experiment: Spaces and thing

Good luck on your second weekend experiment, using Inform 7 to tell a story with spaces and things. A reminder that these are due Monday by 10:00 AM, along with a one-paragraph write-up explaining your goals with the piece and anything you learned from its construction. To submit your experiment #2 correctly, please remember to […]

Wednesday Links

To interact with Wednesday’s pieces, you’ll need to install an IF interpreter on your computer. The ones I’d recommend are, for Macs, Spatterlight, and for Windows, Gargoyle. Once you’ve installed these, you should be able to open any of the pieces you’ll need to look at for class with them. For Wednesday, you should play […]

First Weekend Experiments

Have fun as you all head into your first weekend experiment, creating a link-based fiction. I’ve made up a quick Twine cheat sheet which is a helpful reminder of some of Twine’s capabilities in one place. Feel free to use the class mailing list (see right sidebar) with questions, or feel free to contact me directly and […]

Another Writing Exercise

If you’re looking for other ways to exercise your creativity muscles in advance of the upcoming first weekend experiment, here’s another writing exercise like the one we did in class on Wednesday that you can try on your own. Get a piece of paper, fold it in half, then unfold it (to make a vertical […]

Twine Links

Here are some links to helpful Twine resources. Make sure to have downloaded and installed Twine to your laptop before Friday, and bring your laptops to class. The Twine homepage The complete reference manual for Twine Example stories by the author of Twine Remember also to use the “Close Reading Sign-up” link in the top […]

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