Homework for Wednesday

Come prepared to discuss these two procedurally narrative works, and remember to bring your discussion questions:

  • ‘Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus, Victor Gijsbers
    • Note that you’ll need to download and play this in an interpreter, since the “Play Online” option is missing the Status Bar that provides helpful information.
    • The Inform 7 source code (fixed now!) for this work would also be interesting to take a look at after you’ve played the story (if maybe a little overwhelming), to see what other options are available and how the “Inform ATTACK” extension was used to create the conversation framework. This will be a .ni file, which you can open in any text editor or copy and paste into Inform. Take a look but don’t feel you need to understand it all.
  • Prom Week, Josh McCoy et al. You can play this on Facebook (it doesn’t use any of your personal information or spam your wall or anything) or there’s a link on the right to play it on Kongregate, a third-party site instead.
Also read Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 Chapters 5 and 6, and start playing Fallen London if you haven’t already. Note that many of the NPCs in this world have Twitter accounts; you can follow them and even interact with them via tweets if you like— see this page for more details.
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