Homework for Wednesday

For Wednesday, take a look at the following two pieces, and bring a discussion question for each. Note that “Sleep is Death” from the syllabus has been replaced with “Mime Academy.”

  • Mime Academy. This is a demonstration mini-ARG with a goofy story. It will require you to take some initiative to uncover clues: clicking on links, calling phone numbers, etcetera. You should play till the end of the piece, which is when you get a phone call from the Master Mime.
  • Fallen London, which you’ve hopefully been looking at already.

Please also bring your one paragraph proposal for your final project, specifying which environment you’ll use to create it (Twine or Inform), some thoughts about the structure and narrative, and any difficulties or obstacles you’re worried about.

Finally, please purchase and install Sleep Is Death onto your laptop, since we’ll be looking at this together in class on Wednesday. You might want to also take a look at the first couple tutorial videos for Sleep Is Death, which will give you a head start.

Here is Jacob’s project page for From Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers: you can also find his contact information on that site.

See you on Wednesday!

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