Links to Wednesday 8/1 Readings

Great to meet you all in class! Looking forward to an awesome five weeks.

Here are the links to the pieces you should interact with (and bring discussion questions for) before Wednesday’s class:

  • These Waves of Girls by Caitlin Fisher– accessible from any modern web browser (you will need audio).
  • Forest by Jacob Garbe. You’ll need to create an account on readpandemonia (from the link to Forest, click “Join Us”). Once registered and logged in, from the main page click “Stories” then “Forest” to begin.
Make sure to play Forest all the way to an ending, and if you have time, play again to a different ending. With Girls, spend enough time that you feel ready to engage in a discussion about it—an hour at least.
Remember, your discussion questions should be brought in on an index card or sheet of paper with your name on top. There should be one question per work. Your questions should a) be something related to the work it might be interesting to discuss in class, and b) demonstrate you actually read the work. (So “What is Forest about?” would be a poor question, while “The use of recurring laughter sounds throughout These Waves of Girls seems significant; how do they relate to the recurring themes of femininity and loss of innocence?” might be a better one.)
Also, while you’re here, check out the Close Reading Sign-up page and see if any of the works linked strike your interest. You’ll need to post a comment on that page by this Friday, claiming one of the projects there to do your close read on. (If you’re keen to get this assignment out of the way sooner rather than later, you can claim one right away to do in class this Friday… we’ll talk more about this on Wednesday.)
See you then!

Welcome 2012 Students!

Greetings to current and prospective DANM 132 students. I’m in the process of updating the website for the 2012 summer course, so please bear with me as I get things up to speed. In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions: aareed at soe dot ucsc dot edu.

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