Second weekend experiment: Spaces and thing

Good luck on your second weekend experiment, using Inform 7 to tell a story with spaces and things. A reminder that these are due Monday by 10:00 AM, along with a one-paragraph write-up explaining your goals with the piece and anything you learned from its construction.

To submit your experiment #2 correctly, please remember to add the following line to your Inform 7 source text:

Release along with an interpreter, the source text and a website.

Click the “Release” button, and Inform will create a folder called “Release” in the location where you’ve saved your project. Zip up the entire contents of this folder and give me the .zip file as your submission (along with your write-up).

(Note: despite my best intentions, I failed to return the borrowed Mac adapter. I’ll bring it Monday, unless I hear from you that you need it earlier. Apologies!)

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